Nutrition / Health

Our Nutrition section is part of what our Peer Ambassador Carmen is involved in. She is having a blast getting connected with both her peers but also with our expert in the background to provide her with some guidance, help her when she gets stuck, or just be a contact to chat with about ideas she has.

In her own words: “If you’re feeling a bit nerdy like me and want to dig into all sorts of stuff about what you put in or on your body and then some, then this is the page for you!  We will look into and chat about all the effects of food and other things that can impact your health, your body image and over all physical well-being. This includes stuff you put on your skin other things you might be exposed to having an impact on your well-being.”


Get some guidance on how to keep your body happy and healthy, chat with us about your ideas, thoughts, questions, worries!  If we don’t have the answers we (all of us) will look for them! Contribute at your leisure!